The Winton Train 2009

The Winton Train

In 2009 the Czech government sponsored a cultural awareness programme called “Inspiration by Goodness” dedicated to its 2009 holding of the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The centrepiece of this was “The Winton Train”, a special steam train which followed the journey of the 1939 Czech Kindertransporte organised by Sir Nicholas Winton from Prague to London.

The special train departed Prague on 1st September 2009 (70th anniversary of the conclusion of the Kindertransporte) and carried 23 of the original children with the 100-year old Sir Nicholas meeting the train on arrival at London’s Liverpool Street station. The journey received widespread media coverage and did much to bring the achievements of Sir Nicholas Winton to the attention of the UK public, only aware of his exploits following a 1988 screening of a feature on “That’s Life!”.

Sir Nicholas passed away at the age of 106 on 1st July 2015 on the 76th anniversary of the arrival in Harwich and London of his largest single transport of 241 children. It is certain that the irony was not lost on him that he passed away at a time when Europe is challenged by its worst refugee crisis since World War 2 and that governments now, as then, seem hopelessly incapable of dealing with it. In 2014 the UNRA reported that the world’s refugee population surpassed the 50 million mark for the first time since World War 2 - and this figure excludes economic migrants.

Stepping stones to the future

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