A Special Train Journey in Tribute to

Trevor Chadwick
1907 - 1979

Date to be decided

A special train from London to Swanage in tribute to Trevor Chadwick. Trevor agreed to throw up his job as a teacher at Forres School, Swanage to run the Prague end of the Czech Kindertransport operation in cooperation with Nicholas Winton, in the event that the latter was able to come to workable arrangements with the UK Home Office, which he was. Trevor dealt with the very considerable problems at the Prague end of the operation and put himself at some personal risk in having to deal with the Nazi authorities, including the Gestapo. Trevor died on 23rd December 1979 following a stroke which led to a long spell in hospital where he developed gangrene which necessitated the amputation of a leg above the knee. He passed away without ever receiving any formal recognition for his work on behalf of the Prague refugees. A biography of his life will be posted here shortly. R.I.P.

Further details will be posted here in due course, when available.